Re: St. Joseph, Michigan

Posted by Dave Kenney On 2008/10/15 20:55:26
John There should be room on the data plate for the dealer. My two '47's each have the dealer name stamped on them. One way I found out who the original owner of my Super Clipper was to write a letter to the local paper in the town where I bought the car asking if anyone had any information about owners of the car as I knew who the second owner was and included his name.. An 85 year old woman phoned me who was the sister of the 2nd owner and she knew the name of the original owner and also sent me photos of the car when her brother (2nd owner) bought the car in 1955 and also a bio and photo of her long departed brother. I still haven't found any relations of the original owners yet. Another source of info is the old city directories (Henderson's up here in Canada) which lists businesses and also the addresses and occupations of person listed in them. It is nice to know a cars history. I sometimes have a feeling when I am working on the car that the previous owners are looking over my shoulder making sure I take good care of their "baby".
If St Joseph has a paper that might be the place to start.
I have a discharge paper for a Civil War veteran that has been in my family possession for at least 75 years. I had no idea who the person was or whether or not a relation but I posted the info on a Civil war site and in a few days someone sent me a history of the unit he served with and particulars about his age and where he enlisted etc. so maybe a posting on a Civil war site might yield some sources. Now for a dram of Mccallan's before bed time.

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