Re: St. Joseph, Michigan

Posted by JWL On 2008/10/16 9:49:36
O_D and Clipper47, I'll take another look at the VN plate. It will not be the first time that I have been mistaken. All of your suggestions are appreciated. I got the Clark Motor Sales information from a classified ad in one of the newspapers left in the car. O_D, curious that the list of dealerships stops at the "O" lettered cities. I can also check with the local historical association, and see if they have anything like a city directory listing from the time.

My grandfather was a veteran of the CSA, and fought and was wounded at Chickamauga. The Confederate records are scarce and incomplete, making the research task more difficult. My brother and I visited the battle ground site a few years ago, and were most impressed with the monuments and statues. Anyway, I'll not use any more bandwidth on this subject.

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