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Posted by Packard53 On 2007/5/17 20:59:21
I sometimes visit the AACA forum and see what is being talked about in the Packard forum. I see that the legend in his own mind Petey Hartmann in now posting again. The fellow that is allways braging how much better the Packard V12 was in performance and faster than any other Packards of that era.

Two weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with Ed Miller in Naples Florida who owns a 1933 Packard V12 Convertible Sedan, and who recently purchased a 1934 Packard Super Eight Convertible Sedan. In part of our conversation the subject came up about the performance differnece between the two. Ed stated that although the V12 has more horse power than the Super there was very little differnce in performance between the two cars. He said that is because of the weight difference between the two cars, being the V12 weighs a couple of hundred pounds more than the Super8. The the only difference Ed said is that you can feel that the V12 has more torque than the Super 8.

I hope that some of you out there like Eric and Brian find this most intersting.

John F. Shireman

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