Re: Performance Story

Posted by Randy Berger On 2007/5/18 22:52:30
From posts I have read Ed Miller is a no-nonsense kind of guy who just states the facts. The V12 does have tremendous torque and I have read where you could slow down to 5 mph and still in high hear just mash the throttle and the car would just get back up to speed with nary a shudder. Now that is torque. Were you down south John? How did you run into Ed Miller?
Yes, I see PFH on the forum again. He was invited back! Now, I'm no dummy but I've yet to figure out why some people were dissed and censored and yet PFH gets invited back on. Perhaps someone with a little more wisdom or insight can enlighten me.
I've had a great summer so far - I found a train that has just been a rumor since 1944. I couldn't buy it, but I got the story behind it and why it was made. I love to document those kinds of facts. I also have other news on the car front which I may be able to disclose soon. The weather's nice, the 400 is running good and the future holds great promise. Now if I could only find the fountain of Ute life would be great.

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