Re: R-9 out put shaft seal

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2023/3/31 11:37:41
That is what I understand, yes, that is the correct seal.

The way you can figure this out, if you have a Packard Part # that you have a cross-reference to, and want to see what other applications that part works for, use the "Factory Parts List" feature on this website, for example:

Factor Parts List lookup 333546

I don't believe there is a cross-reference for the Rear Pinion Seal, there was a different seal used from prior years on 1953 and 1954, you have to get it from Max Merritt

Rear Pinion Seal, 1953-1954, Max Merritt

or Kanter

Kanter Rear Axle Parts, 1953-1954

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