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Hi Skateboardgumby,

That's a million dollar question. Apart from several 1941 Packard factory photos of the Cellarette while demonstrated, the New York, Chicago, and San Francisco auto shows, the Chicago Auto Show flyer, and a demonstration photo and article in the San Francisco Examiner, the one known 1941 Packard is elusive. At least one was built and served as a halo model for the 1941 Packard. No auto show photos of the car are available.

The last seen Cellarette-equipped 1941 Packard Custom Super-8 One-Eighty Touring Sedan, model 1907, body 1442, was, according to a California source, a dark blue sedan. That was about 1965.

The effectiveness of the formation of ice cubes formed in the trays also remains unknown.

Does anyone know about the whereabouts of the 1941 Packard equipped with the Cellarette?

Thanks, archiveman2977

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