Re: full flow oil filter

Posted by DrewLA On 2016/10/11 3:16:18
EDIT: It's most likely bypass, which is what Packard did on all of the post-war straight-eights. All the oil gets filtered (eventually), but it dumps back to the pan. You could conceivably make a full-flow filter by re-routing lines, but I don't know why you would want to - you'd run the risk of starving the bearings and valves of oil if the cartridge clogs, and the max oil pressure is in the 40 psi range, so I'd be uncomfortable with dropping that pressure from the pump down any more than it already is by inserting a full-flow filter in between.

I recently did a used oil analysis on my '52 Patrician and they found the oil was clean and in good condition after 1500 miles, so you're probably fine.

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