Re: Back to Kev's move & also my bucket list dream... possible?

Posted by R Anderson On 2017/2/3 10:52:19
With my increasingly Swiss-cheese memory, I had completely forgotten that we'd posted regarding this very same Six Cyl Transplant subject back in anno 2010, wherein some very interesting and helpful responses, not to mention some most intriguing speculation (not that that is at all unusual around here!) were to be had. So... the Dream still lives.

It would seem, then, that the 1940s era Packard Six would fit length-wise. The differing factor now in 2017 is the absolute necessity of adding a pre-Gear Start UltraMatic, due to advancing age, what with dodgy knees and hips and such. I wonder if a Packard Six has ever been adjoined with ANY automatic?

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