Re: Back to Kev's move & also my bucket list dream... possible?

Posted by Bondolover On 2017/2/6 13:25:04
You guys are thinking about this the wrong way.

A review of auto test magazines in the early 1950's confirms that Packards of that era, equipped with the absurdly fragile 1st Generation Ultramatics, were the slowest, most sluggish cars of the day - other than a 1949 Chevrolet with PowerGlide (GM did something to the 1950 Chevrolet that made them a little faster, so we should rule that out).

If you are looking to create a real "slug" of a car, even worse than a stock early 50's Packard with Ultramatic , using a pre-war Packard "six" would be a good start, but I have a better idea.

My recommendation would be a Briggs & Stratton 3 h.p. lawn-mower engine, coupled to a 1949-1952 Buick's "Dynaflow".

Those first-generation Buick Dynaflow transmissions were almost as sluggish as the first-generation Ultramatics....but big difference...they had a pretty good service-reliability record - didn't have that fragile "lock-up" clutch to burn out that the Ultramatic had.

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