Re: Back to Kev's move & also my bucket list dream... possible?

Posted by Bondolover On 2017/2/8 18:37:09
Owen_Dyneto wrote: far longer service life than the next generation, the Twin Ultramatic.

Mr. Dyneto - we are in PARTIAL agreement. I am well aware (painfully aware...but that is too long a story for this forum...!) that the Ultramatic "Twin" (introduced..? recollection ? was around June '54) ( ? ? ) had a very poor reliability record - bad behind the straight eights of '54 - even worse, as you are apparently aware, behind the significantly more powerful V-8's.

May I respectfully suggest that your pointing out that the "Twin" Ultramatic had a worse service record than the late '49 - mid '54 version dosnt say much for the record of the first one !

As Packard fanatics, of course we want to re-invent history to help our "religion". But you need to wait some more years before those of us WHO WERE THERE die off, before you can get away with that !

I once drove my '51 "250" convertible from the New York State side of the George Washington Bridge, to the Barham Blvd. off-ramp of the Hollywood Freeway in two and a half days AND I SLEPT AT NIGHT . BOTH NIGHTS ! And since there were no "Interstates" that meant I was really "cooking" on straight sections of those dangerous two and three-lane highways !

So be assured I know what those cars could do when they were running right ( I wonder what happened to that car - should be easy to spot - after I "blew" its motor I installed a 327 motor I got out of a wrecked '54 Cavalier - that four barrel helped a bit........! )

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