Re: Lost History

Posted by mikec on 2008/12/31 21:14:08
I agree with most of the opinions stated here. I love seing and operating old equipment (and cars) the way it was originaly. preservations and oem restorations are far more interesting to me than rigs that have been modified hevily.

however, i do see the value in small driveability mods like electric fuel pumps. I find these helpful, especially since i dont get to drive my packard all that frequently. it may be two weeks, and i dislike having to crank and crank waiting for the fuel to get up there. better air and fuel filters (not necissarily on packards) can sometimes be very helpful in preserving old engines. braking system mods are, IMO, perfectly fine. if you dont feel safe with a 50 or 60 years old system, or one with a bad reputation (treadlevac) then that is understandable.

However there is no excuse for chevy 350s and turbo 350 trannys.

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