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Posted by Packard53 on 2008/12/31 22:48:06
In the case of going to the trouble of putting a 727 in a Packard to replace is it really any cheaper that having the ultra fixed.

If you buy a 727 conversion kit, then locate a 727 and have it rebuilt then the installation how much is it going to cost. I bet that it would be cheaper just to get the ultra repaired.

I prefer to keep both of my vehicles very near stock. The Chevelle I have I am willing to make a few minor changes here at there but not many.

The 53 Packard will be bone stock for as long as I have it.

Some of the modifications people want to do such as electronic ignition and upgrading to disc brakes for me just dosn't cut it. The expense involved and for the few hundred miles a year that I drive my Chevelle, it's just worth not the dollars that would be spent.

On the other hand for those people that want to do those kind of modifications and other types of mods. I say go for it if that what you want.

Upon closing I would like to say that I have no intensions of posting in Packardinfo for 2008 anymore. See all of you in 2009.

John F. Shireman

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