Re: Lost History

Posted by gone1951 on 2009/1/1 21:17:50
I know what your saying though, and my past project (66 dodge dart) still had a mechanical pump and it never gave me trouble, except when the old one cracked and started spraying fuel onto the distributer. that was scary.

Never had one split open. Must have been an experience. Do you still have the dart? I have never been a fan of the 70's and up Chrysler products. I have had two 55 Desoto's. They were great cars with a small 291 hemi engine. I did inherit my dad's 1973 charger. Nice body but the car is so thin and tinny I would not have bought it myself. BTW the Dodge is and will stay stock right down to it's 318 and I guess a torqueflight trans. The wheel covers are stock as well.

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