Re: 1940-1941-1942 PACKARD AC COMPRESSOR C.I.D.

Posted by HH56 On 2018/12/22 18:46:43
Referring to Don's photo above, I have a bronze reproduction of the 25484 a fellow in Texas did many years ago. The slots center to center on the repro measure 3 1/2" for the short dimension front/back slots and again measuring center to center, I get 6 3/4" for the right/left slots.

As the repro appears to have been cast using an original for the pattern there was some shrinkage in the repro part due to the casting process. Based on the amount I had to enlarge and offset the holes for the head studs to fit I would say the casting shrunk the typical 1-2% of bronze. Adding 1-2% to those measured numbers should provide fairly accurate dimensions for an original part.

Since the only modern compressor easily available for auto use seems to be the round Sanden or Denso configuration which looks so out of place on the old cars, a compressor used in truck refrigeration units might be a possible substitute more in line with the looks of the original compressor. Downside is it does not appear to have a clutch and I don't know if one is available or if a Sanden type clutch could be adapted. Have not researched to see if the compressors are available separately as service items either.

Here is is a photo of a compressor used on a Zanotta refrigeration unit for a semi reefer trailer. This compressor is run by two different motors, 12v on the road and line voltage when in a yard. Even if there is no clutch available the pulley should at least be able to be changed to something more appropriate. If no clutch is available that would require some different means of temp control besides the modern cycling clutch method so maybe a hurdle unless replacing an original constant on compressor and keeping the old valves and controls etc.

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