Re: 1940-1941-1942 PACKARD AC COMPRESSOR C.I.D.

Posted by Tom Putnam On 2018/12/31 23:39:56
Plan B: Below is a 1927 catalog page describing the B&B line of pulley driven air compressors courtesy of the Smithsonian. Unfortunately the catalog does not contain any dimensions. You can see an illustration showing and electric motor driving a foot mounted horizontally split, vertically arranged air compressor similar to our area of Packard interest. We see 1cyl and 2cyl callouts for the electric motor driven compressor. HH56 told us the slot of the air compressor mounting bracket were 3 1/2" wide by 6 3/4' long with out being too specific. Based on what I see, I am going to GUESS our Packard air pump is no smaller than 2.64in3 based on a 1.625" bore and 2.0" stroke, 2cyl inline config. Stats = STandard ATmosphereS. 20 Stats = 294 psi.

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