Re: 1940-1941-1942 PACKARD AC COMPRESSOR C.I.D.

Posted by ALLEN B. SIMONS On 2019/1/1 11:48:20

Hello puttenham,

First, Happy New Year.

Thanks for your research. I would never have considered to search the Smithsonian. Your estimation of 2.64-cid rings truer than a SWAG-scientific wild ass guess-, but, of course, your closest reference is a 1927 publication, rather than a 1939 one.

Along with the question of the air conditioning compressor cid, do you or anyone else know the CFM-cubic feet per minute- of the air conditioning blower? I haven't been able to find this information in the three 1941 air conditioning owner/service manuals; respectively, 1941 Packard, 1941 Cadillac and 1941 Chrysler.

Thanks again. It's always a feeling of accomplishment to uncover long lost information.


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