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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/2/2 14:32:30
Ahhh. Packard bicycles again. I keep trying to set the record straight on these bicycles... and the record keeps going astray no matter what I do or say or write. The Nostalgic Net bicycle site linked here unfortunately does not tell you, but the information they post regarding Packard bicycles came from me. I provided it to Dave, who runs the site.

As for the Packard Bicycles Complete History that I wrote... this 14-page history was published in 2013 in The Packard Cormorant magazine, issue #151, Second Quarter 2013. This extensive article covers all Packard bicycles for all years and tells the factual history of these bicycles. It is the first history of Packard bicycles and the only accurate one. This article tells you how to identify these bicycles, who made them and when they were made. It also shows you the headbadges used. And yes, it also clearly states that Packard-branded bicycles had zero connection with Packard Motor Car Company and were NOT used in sales of Packard automobiles-which is a persistent myth often repeated by the uninformed.

Unfortunately, some site or article posts a photo of a Packard bicycle and labels it a certain year (such as 1938) and immediately afterward, every Packard bicycle that pops up has "1938" mentioned with it. This stuff is just not based on facts, just gossip and guessing.

As for the Cleveland Welding Company (CWC) I have EVERY catalogue from beginning to end and I knew members of the family behind the company. I have the production records from the company as well. I started collecting these catalogues in the 1950s and I was first on the planet to collect and restore these bicycles.

Roger's bicycle has a paint job like 1941, but the frame and cranks are absolutely, positively very postwar (I can tell you what year you have if you photograph the serial frame number and stampings on the rear hub). A real 1941 frame would have been slightly different, although very similar in appearance. And the seat is a modern replica made by Persons-Majestic, but the original saddle would have been either Mesinger or Troxel. And the curved fender braces were a feature that existed on certain CWC bicycles for over a decade. It is a myth (a strong one, but myth anyway) that this is a prewar design feature. You will also note the bicycle claimed to be "1939-41" on the nostalgic net site does NOT have chromed fender braces but rather cad-plated as originals were. AND you will note that the craigslist Packard bicycle pictured has straight fender braces, not curved... and it is indeed a prewar CWC bicycle-with proper sprocket and cranks for this model. A 1941 "B" model which is what Roger's bicycle most closely resembles would have had a different frame, different rear carrier and rear stand, different saddle, different chain guard, different crank and sprocket, and different pedals. The headlight installed here appears to be a hybrid with a Delta-based body. Originals had a different body and different bezel.

I would suggest anyone interested in Packard bicycles and their history might want to pick up the back issue of The Packard Cormorant magazine #151 from The Packard Club.

I am attaching a photo of my 1941 Schwinn-Built Packard Autocycle Deluxe under restoration. I am also attaching headbadges from various Packard-branded bicycles made by different manufacturers.I have over 80,000 original American-made bicycle catalogues, books and photos. Otherwise I would be happy to identify any Packard bicycle.

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