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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/2/27 11:59:39

Ozstatman wrote:

The thread you referred to.

Yes... this appears to be the same Packard bicycle auctioned in December of 2018 to great fanfare. It was originally distributed when new to dealers via Bean Son Company of San Francisco (discussed in the 2013 Packard Cormorant Magazine #151 Packard Bicycle History article). I guess the Packard bicycle in question returned home to be sold once again.

Despite my half-century of expertise and huge archive of original literature, apparently my identification of 2013 was completely ignored ... as they often are when a seller or owner has their mind made up. Often the response is, "But... Vintar Peequar told me it's a rare 1842 model and they only made 2!" OR "... Arkwar Farkwar said on the internet that it's a 1910 thanja-flangit model and they got a picture of one just like it posted in a gossip forum"! Or "... but I saw it on a picker show on TV and they said it's worth a million-jillion dollars and this model was only made by Schwinn on a July 4th in a snowstorm when they closed the plant and the janitors built it in the basement...but you can buy mine for...!" And so it goes.

Perhaps someday the history and facts of these bicycles will be taken seriously. Until then, we can only hope for the best as wild tales about Packard bicycles continue and erroneous Packard neon fantasies (the other history that refuses to be factual-no matter how many times I correct it) go on and on and on. It is what it is...

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