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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/5/16 13:11:50
Here is yet another Packard bicycle headbadge from the early 1900s. Again, this name on the bicycle had nothing to do with Packard Motor Car Company. But again it was one of many, many that a bicycle distributor company offered to their dealers. In this case the company was known as "Johnson And Meyer Co." and they were located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was a wholesale distributor for both motorcycles and bicycles and covered several states.

This is how the bicycle business worked in the USA back then. Names on bicycles often had zero to do with who made them and there was not a big brand-to-manufacturer connection. Even Schwinn-built bicycles rarely ever said "Schwinn" on them until after World War II.... all of why the term "Schwinn-Built" was coined and used regularly (as in prewar dealership neon signs).

Again, please understand and know that a "Packard" headbadge on a bicycle had nothing to do with either PMCC or with selling Packard motorcars, although it may have given a de facto boost to the image of the bicycle in question. ANY bicycle dealer buying bicycles through this wholesaler could CHOOSE this headbadge to be on ANY of the bicycles the dealer sold to retail customers. There was zero connection to selling Packards or to PMCC.

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