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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/7/5 20:58:47
Since you saw the 2-tone green 1941 Schwinn-Built Packard Autocycle Deluxe photo taken during its restoration, you might want to see this. Think of the Autocycle Deluxe as you might a senior Packard. Here is another restoration I did years ago (pardon the tires needing air after many years of storage). This is a 1940-1941 Schwinn-Built Packard "DX"... consider it a "junior" model to the senior 1941 Packard Autocycle Deluxe in earlier photos. The DX series was priced and optioned well below the senior Autocycle Deluxe series.

The only things not strictly authentic factory equipment here are the seat (which LOOKS like the original but is a reproduced replica) and the period aftermarket bicycle cormorant ornament. These ornaments were made of pewter and were made before and after WW2 ... just for bicycles.

Were there other Packard bicycle ornaments? You bet. And most were a lot more detailed and intricate than this one! And yes, there was literature produced. But again... not in connection with PMCC.

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