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Posted by Garrett Meadows On 2019/8/17 8:13:53
I admire a "voice in the wilderness" such as yourself. I'm a purist when it comes to history's facts.

I bristle and groan whenever I heard some goofball on TV repeating urban myths/legends as "facts" or overly simplify history in the interest of the low-brow viewer.

Sadly, the bulk of TV viewers don't have the wherewithal or concern to research whether or not the "facts" or "research" touted on The History Channel or reality TV show has an iota of credibility or is even tangential to the truth.

I was watching one show on the JFK assassination and the supposed "expert" identified JFK's limo as being black in color. OMG! Admittedly it looks "black" but it was not. The limo's color was a dark metallic blue specifically selected by JFK. The color was subsequently called "JFK blue."

When my wife died in 2004, I got rid of our TV. There were so few shows I was remotely interested in watching, I couldn't justify the inflated service fee. Besides, by 2004, I could watch much whatever was of particular interest to me on Youtube and/or

Speaking of a totally disinterest in TV. When my late grandfather retired from a job he had been in for 40 years back in 1972, the office chipped in and bought him and my grandmother a console color TV. Up until then, they had an on old black and white TV just to placate us grandchildren. Well, you won't believe this, but my grandmother put a decorative cloth off over the color TV and used it as a table. They never watched it.

take care and keep up the good fight.
Garrett Meadows

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