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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/8/17 13:36:29
My mention of Packard bicycle ornaments drew some interest verbally, if not here in writing. Thus I thought those following this thread might like to see the attached catalogue full page of Packard-style bicycle ornaments from 1954. This aftermarket car ornament maker did a big biz in automotive ornaments, but also sold a good number of bicycle ornaments.

Interesting that they devoted a full page just to Packard-style bicycle ornaments and note reference to "same designs as famous hood ornaments" (and you know what this means)...! Packard Motor Car Company apparently was not bothered at all by the bicycle ornaments. So much so that another bicycle ornament maker actually came right out in their 1950s catalogue and actually called their bicycle ornament a "Cormorant"...! The ornament maker for the catalogue I show here refers to their version of Packard-style ornaments as "Buglers" and "Flamingoes." Of course the company offered dozens of other designs for bicycle ornaments, but only the Packard style had their own full page in the catalogue. And you won't find this stuff on a DIY web site.

Ohh... and in case you have not noticed, they also somehow anticipated Packard's use of a "V" symbol. This company offered one for bicycles with the Packard-style bird ornaments... except it came in gold-tone instead of chrome with the gold circle. Note the "V" symbol on the catalogue page and mounted to the handlebars of the pictured bicycle!

So... for your enjoyment. And for those of you who have occasionally posted questions about "Packard" ornaments that look too small or slightly different, now you know...

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