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Posted by Leeedy On 2019/10/3 9:24:21
And just to show you how popular the Packard name was with bicycles, I submit this original photo. The lady here with the tongue is riding a 1940s Roadmaster from Cleveland Welding Company. No, it is not a Packard-branded CWC-built bicycle, but rather their premium "Roadmaster" brand.

However the lady has taken the time to go to a Packard dealer to buy a genuine official "Packard" automotive logo. These logos indeed were sold as an accessory at Packard dealers beginning in the late 1930s, for the purpose of attaching to the sides of a Packard hood assembly.

If you look closely, you'll notice that she has taken the time to get a proper bicycle ornament bracket and has attached the Packard logo to her bicycle handlebar stem.

At least in Detroit, there were LOTS of bicycles rolling the streets and sidewalks with Packard-looking ornaments and sometimes real Packard logos and other parts attached to them. People today may not know this or have forgotten it, but this is how things were in the American bicycle world back then. Packard dealers didn't need to give rebates of Packard bicycles or use them to "sweeten deals"... there were tons of Packard-branded bicycles sold. People also dolled up even non-Packard branded bicycles with Packard-looking and sometimes real Packard parts!

Some people even mounted real Packard tail lights on the rear fender of their bicycle. There were a couple of prewar Packard tail lights that often turned up on bicycles back then (yes, they fit nicely)... along with Packard logos like this on the handlebars and a bird on the front fender. Such was the love and admiration of Packard automobiles back then-whether anyone today knows it or not...

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