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Posted by Leeedy on 2021/7/14 22:52:18
Now moving to 1925 and lingering a bit longer with Arnold, Schwinn & Company. This comes from our 1925 Schwinn-Built bicycles dealer book. Notice it does not say "Schwinn Packard"... but merely "PACKARD."

Note that only one color scheme is listed: "dark blue with white trim." The paint apparently received special treatment listed as "four coats" and "hand rubbed."

The awkward handlebars were simply Lawson dropped racing bars turned up-side down.

Now, there are those who would look at this bicycle and immediately announce to you that it is a "Iver Johnson arch frame"! And say so with certainty and want to argue this into the ground!

(HINT: we also have a nearly complete run of original Iver Johnson bicycle catalogues and dealer literature from beginning in the 1800s to end in 1940s. We have collected I-J stuff since at least the 1960s. The company also made motorcycles and guns.)

In fact a couple of these have turned up over the last few years with sellers and internet "experts" swearing they are selling Iver Johnsons.

What do you think?

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