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Posted by Leeedy on 2021/10/21 12:06:58
Now remember what I told you (and showed you) about Packard bicycles equipped with "knee action"?

Remember what I said that it was once very common for people all over the USA to refer to a front suspension bicycle fork as "knee action"? And NOT "springer" –a term invented in more recent years?

The term, "knee action" may be unknown in today's term wilderness, but this was not a regional thing in the USA. Last post showing "knee action" bicycle reference was Pennsylvania. Previous mention of accessory "Packard Knee Action" kit was from Ohio. AND if you look back at Posting #100 in this thread you will note ORIGINAL Schwinn and B.F. Goodrich literature referred to "knee action spring fork..." and that was in the 1930s for all of the Schwinn worshippers down on their knees. Now we move north and west...

Here is a 1941 classified advertisement from Fremont, Nebraska. It abbreviates knee action as "knee ac" but people back then knew exactly what it meant. Would people today (including DIY and vintage bicycle "experts") be able to read this ad and know what it means? Heck no. Folks on TV and DIY web sites have everyone indoctrinated into speaking a different language –only people don't realize it.

Ohhh... and notice again... NO Packard automobile mentioned.

As always, this original ad image courtesy of National Bicycle History Archive of America ( collection.

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