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Posted by Leeedy On 2022/12/31 21:16:38

Ozstatman wrote:
Happy New Year to you too Leeedy!

A wealth of knowledge about "Packard" bikes, have learnt so much about them because of this thread.

I remember the time you graciously gave me in the Society of Automotive Historians tent at Hershey in 2018 along with signing and endorsing your Creative Industries book. I'd post a photo of you with the book, but I can't recall whether you agreed the photo could be published. Let me know one way or another.

Well, Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for the kind words. And no problem with posting the photo from the Hershey SAH event.

BTW, I was stationed with Australians while in Vietnam (yes they were there too). And then many years later found myself (among many other responsibilities with my employer of 20 years) placed in charge of New Model Training for Ford and Mazda of Australia. We had fun times many nights on the town in Hiroshima, Japan! But that's another story.

Also years ago when I had a very tall, beautiful Aussie girlfriend, we used to visit the long-gone Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. A lot. She got a kick out of confusing the little guys (in full Ferengi costumes and make-up) who ran Quark's Bar (this was a real place). We did this by giving them Australian money! The kind with the little clear windows in it. They would look at US as if we just stepped out of a flying saucer! And told us the currency was not translatable to "gold pressed Latinum." But that's another story too! LOL.

Enjoyed meeting you at the SAH event and look forward to chatting again.

Best Regards and Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, Packard-filled New Year!

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