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Posted by Leeedy On 2022/12/31 21:40:05

Packard Don wrote:
Yes indeed, and fascinating too! Such a wealth of information which I gather barely touches the surface of Leeedy’s wonderful collection, which I would love to visit sometime should he be in the mood.

It would be great to see a separate one of the Packard organs and pianos although as Leeedy mentioned, they are covered here already.

Thanks for the very kind words. I extend my Best Wishes for a Happy, Prosperous, Packard-filled New Year!

By the way. Donald Duck is nearly 6 feet tall and the entire original display from 1949 is motorized and animated. VERY rare. Donald actually pedals along and his eyes roll up and down as he pedals.

And don't believe anything the so-called "expert" said about Donald Duck bicycles on the TV show, Pawn Stars... this guy was dead wrong. Absolutely wrong! Donald Duck bicycles were made for several years, not one. And yes, I've got the original factory literature to prove it! And yes, Shelby Cycle Company made some Packard bicycles too!

Oh... and Robby is telling the truth below. We indeed have known one another for a very long time! I first saw Robby in 1956 in Forbidden Planet movie at the Adams Theater in downtown Detroit. But I met him live and face-to face (so to speak) in California in 1973.

For a time in the 1970s, Robby and his special futuristic car lived (along with some interesting Packards and other incredible stuff) at a long-gone place in Buena Park, California known as Movieworld Cars Of The Stars. I was involved in a vintage swap meet held there in their parking lot back then.

I also have actual photos of Robby and me shaking hands in 1974 on a re-created set of Forbidden Planet at Burbank, California. Yes, I am serious and not delirous!

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