Re: Packard Bikes

Posted by Leeedy On 2023/1/1 3:28:54

Ozstatman wrote:
Thanks Leeedy, photo posted.

Unfortunately, age has caught up with me precluding further attendance at Hershey. I'd like to catch up but it'll have to be digitally through PackardInfo.

Wow.... thanks for the photo!

And age or no age... we'll continue staying in touch one way or the other. My new book on the 1956 Plymouth Plainsman concept car (it was built at Ghia along with the Packard Predictor) will cover its life. Including the time that Plainsman spent in the Australian outback. And how the name inspired the regular production Australian Plainsman wagons. True story. So stay tuned!

Be well and above all, keep having fun... and keep playing with Packards in 2023.

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