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Posted by Leeedy On 2023/1/23 11:22:28
This item turned up in one of my bicycle wholesale-distributor catalogues from 1939. Even though it is not a Packard bicycle, I thought I would share this. Since there has been so much recent interest and curiosity about items branded "Packard"... and just to show yours truly has and loves all things Packard. So check this one out.

In the late 1930s a company marketed what they branded a "PACKARD Lektro-Shaver" electric razor line. Not only were they selling the Packard Lektro-Shaver, but they also sold two different men's and women's shaving kits. These were:
1.) Packard Lektro-Shaver Accessory Kit
2.) Packard Lektro-Shaver Fitted Leather Travel Kit.

Just when you thought you either had or knew everything branded "Packard."

Oh, and no. They did not give you one of these to "sweeten the deal" on a Packard automobile. And Packard Motor Car Company was not involved (officially) with Packard Lektro-Shavers and shaving kits.

Have a look... and I'm betting most (if not all) of you have never seen one... Have fun!

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