Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2019/3/30 9:16:34
Suffix letters can mean different things in different years so first you should identify the series or year by the prefix letter of the motor number. Here's a few suffix codes that come up regularly, you'll find most of them noted in either the Service Letters or the Shop Manuals:

21st series All models, "A" or "B" = alternate source clutch plates & cover

22nd series Eight, Super 8 "A" = oversized valve guides
All models "C" = later type pistons and rings
Eight, Super 8 "D" = larger capacity oil pan (7 qt.)
Eight, Super 8 "E" = late style camshaft, lg. oil pan, early pistons/rings
Eight, Super 8 "CD" = late pistons/rings, large oil pan
Eight, Super 8 "CE" = late pistons/rings, cam, large oil pan

23rd Series Super Eight "F" = hydraulic lifters

1951-54 288, 327 "H" = hydraulic lifter option (standard in some 327)
(Service replacement engines all had hydraulics)

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