Re: Astonishing how rich some people are

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2019/8/24 18:46:37
Hi Garrett,

Steve makes a couple of good points, a) that not all people that rich are frivolous about it, and b) that they don't enjoy their cars any more than us 'ordinary folks'. I submit that they probably don't enjoy them as MUCH, as they are usually very predisposed with what it takes to STAY that wealthy and by just cutting a cheque for a collector car, there isn't anywhere NEAR the satisfaction of getting one's hands dirty and actually working on getting them running and figuring out all the mechanical nuances inherent in cars that DON'T cost $300K+. I'm a sailor and it is no different in the boating world, there are those out there in exotic yachts and the 'rest of us' sailing nice, but not extravagant vessels, and I know for a fact that I put on way more miles of water under the keel than they ever will, because my boat is paid for and I have the time. At the end of the day, 'time' may be the most valuable resource out there. I went on a 2 year extended voyage a few years back, and ran into a guy down in the islands and after hearing our story, he said: 'oh, you guys are rich'. When I informed him that we were not, he said 'oh yes you are, you have time'. Never forgot that. It's all relative.... Chris.

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