Re: 1947 Packard Super Clipper full frame engine trans for sale

Posted by JacksPackardClipper on 2020/2/23 15:36:50
I'm enjoying this build so far, it's a lot of fun and certainly a challenge. I know I've upset a few people and I'm sorry about that but in the end I will have a solid sweet ride my dad can enjoy and I can hand down to my kids someday. And I'm hoping someone will take the engine frame assembly so it doesn't go to waste. I would be happy to post pictures of my progress if anyone is interested. I'm not taking a 70 year old body and just throwing it on a 50 year old frame. The frame and engine assembly I am using is a 2009, it doesn't have all the power and crazy horsepower most people would want for a project like this, it's a simple 4.6 Ford motor, plenty of power with a smooth ride and electronic fuel injection. You guys called the Lincoln town car a meat wagon or something like that, ever driven one? It's like driving on a cloud; and that's what I want for my elderly father. I would prefer to sell the frame and motor as a whole but I'm willing to part out if no one wants the whole thing.

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