Re: General restoration: oxidation removal from wood grained surfaces

Posted by Jason75 on 2020/3/3 2:58:16
I'm assuming there is some sort of "clear coat" like finish correct?

I would start off with a high quality polish and as always start with the least invasive application. High quality because of the strict standards in uniformity, size, and shape of their abrasives

I've used Menzerna polishes for years on hundreds of vehicles with different paint systems. They are free of silicone, wax and fillers do what you see right after you're done polishing is exactly the finish that you'll have weeks or months down the road unlike others were after time the silicones or fillers deplete - the uniformity and quality of their abrasives is incredible

I'd probably startswith their final finisher and a white /
Flat lake country pad (hand polishing)

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