Re: Packard Trips

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/3/6 14:36:55
Hi Ernie,
Wow, that must have been a treat! A while back a 'convoy' of a dozen or so old cars passed though our small town and about 7 of them were Packards. They all stopped for various reasons, and I said hello to as many as I could. A couple were 12's and I was struck by the same thing - how huge they were compared to my Six. The gentleman who owned one of them was topping up the radiator and when started, one could hardly hear it run. Before that I didn't really appreciate the difference between Junior and Senior cars, but getting up close and personal to that big 12 sure made an impression. Personally, they're a little out of my league, and my nimble little Six is more 'for me', but for someone with the deep pockets to play with those Senior cars, they sure are grand and elegant. Maybe someday I might get to drive one too!! LOL Chris.

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