Ultrasonic Cleaner Rust removal

Posted by blue40devil On 2021/1/21 10:55:35
I am trying to wear out my ultrasonic cleaner. Where has this been all my life.

The question came up if you could use something like Evapo-Rust in it.

Since my tank would take like $75 to fill and it loses its efficiency over time I came up with a trial solution. Also I didn’t want to dilute or have to remove my normal cleaning solution

I had my kick shackle apart and decided to use the dogbone as a trial.

I turned the heat up to 140 degrees, put the part in a ziploc bag, covered it with clean Evapo-Rust, sealed it, put it in the tank and turned it on.

I ran it thru 4-5 30 minute cycles for about a day and here is what it looked like verses the rest of the kick shackle.

It looks like I should have left it in a little longer, but the part came out very clean, unlike the slime you have to wash off on straight E-R soaked parts. So it would appear the UC waves with penetrate the bag and activate the solution in it.

I took the used solution and dumped it into a bucket so I can derust parts that won’t fit into the cleaner until the E-R efficiency is used up.

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