Re: Starting Serial Numbers

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2021/2/19 13:08:31
There is an excellent limited distribution publication which details the various patent and vehicle number plates used by Packard between 1900 and 1956. As of a few months ago there is now a display at the Proving Grounds of each of the plate types and styles. The publication has no info on the numbering or plates of the Studebaker-based Packards of 1957-1958, nor am I particularly familiar with them.

My 1934 has what is known as a style "O" plate, 3-1/4 x 4-1/2 etched brass, black and nickel plate, with text citing ".....more than eleven hundred U. S. Patents.... It was in use for the 10th Series and part way thru the 11th, then replace by the very similar type "P" plate which was in used partly thru the 12th Series. Type P added an extra blank to enter the city of sale, and still referenced the same number of patents.

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