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Posted by HH56 on 2021/2/23 11:29:14
Also, if you are looking at Packard engines I would take it a bit farther and suggest you focus on the 288/327 5 main bearing engines made between 1948 and 1954. Those engines were almost unchanged that entire period and parts are fairly easy to find.

Prior to 48 the 282 block was the lower end eight and even though it was made from the mid 30s until 47 the parts might be a bit harder to source. The 356 engine made from 40-50 was Packards top of the line 9 main bearing large block eight and due to the way the crankshaft is constructed it is somewhat harder and much more expensive to have any machining work done when you need new bearings. The parts might also be harder to find and are starting to get expensive.

In 1951-1953 the 327 engine was available in both a 5 and a 9 main bearing block. The 9 main was for use in the higher end models and would be stronger than the 5 main. In 54 the 9 main 327 engine was bored and stroked to make it a 359. That was a one year only engine and fairly low production. The aluminum head used that year and some inner parts are unique to that engine and very hard to find.

If you are looking at other inline 8 engines, Buick and Pontiac used inline 8s thru 53 or 54 and probably made 10 or 20 of those engines to Packards one. Being GM brands parts for those engines might be easier to source overseas. Chrysler is another mfg that had an inline thru 1950

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