Re: Where Was Packard Center Co. Dealership Located?

Posted by RogerDetroit on 2021/2/26 15:33:12
Ok, seems to be a little confusion regarding 2 of the 4 Packard dealerships in Seattle shown here: ... ld=Country&Type=&pos=3200 Hope we can clear this up.

I am talking about;
1. Seattle Automobile Co. listed at 4242 Roosevelt Way.
2. Snyder Packard listed at 4522 Roosevelt Way.

When you click onto the descriptions for each dealership they seem to overlap. The Seattle Automobile Co. description mentions Packard Center, “…Other U-Dist. dlrs were Snyder @ 4546, Roosevelt Way 1947, then The Packard Center 1951-1954 and University Auto Center1957-1958”.

Getting back to the photo in question, the General Insurance Co. of America (now called Safeco and part of Liberty Mutual) was located in the Brooklyn Building at the NE corner of 45th Street and Brooklyn Avenue in the University District of Seattle. Notice the taller building next to it – the one with the ‘cake-layer top’ and a mast with 4 squares.

I went to Google Earth and searched for 4546 Roosevelt Way. As I zoomed in I turned to the southeast and noticed a building with a ‘cake-layer top’ now known as the Graduate Hotel – Seattle. This cinched the location it for me.

The Packard Center Company was located at 4522-46 Roosevelt Way from 1951 to 1954. They were preceded by Snyder Packard and succeeded by University Auto and today by University Mazda.

Kevin is this something you can clean up for the Dealership Section?

Thanks, --Roger--

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