Owner Registry Update

Posted by Ozstatman on 2021/2/27 1:51:46
The recent changes to PackardInfo have now extended to the Packard Owner's Registry. Big Kev, rather than resting on his laurels, is updating many aspects of this fine Website. Kudos to you Kev!

The changes encompassed in the Registry are:

-Restyling and cleaning up the format.

-Some options have been renamed and a few more added.

- A NEW Status field has been added so a Car can be seen to SOLD, JUNKED, SCRAPPED, etc. The default is CURRENT OWNER and the is what all the entries are currently set to. Once the Status field is changed to anything other than CURRENT OWNER, then that entry cannot be edited by the original poster, this to lock the record for posterity. By this Forum Members are encouraged to actually add their VIN and Engine Serials. That will allow us to automatically tie records together for the same car. So to help with this, a tick box next to the VIN and Engine Serial number to allow a Forum Member to show or hide those numbers when others are viewing it. That way the data is still available to the website behind the scenes but is not on public display.

- A NEW field for Theft Proof Number has been added. Similarly this has a tick box next to it to permit the Forum Member to show or hide those numbers when others are viewing it.

I encourage ALL Forum Members to review the Owner Registry entry for their Packard/s and include VIN and Engine Serial numbers which are currently missing. For those not wanting to display this information, it's simply a matter of "unticking" the box.

Similarly, get in there and add your Theft Proof Number to your entry, and "untick" the box if need be.

The more Theft Proof Numbers, VIN's and Engine Serial Numbers there are, I'm sure Owen_Dyneto will be more than happy. O_D has an ongoing research project analysing these numbers, so you can assist in his researh by providing yours.

If I can assist with anything pertaining to the Registry please contact me by PM or by Emailing ozstatman@gmail.com

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