Re: Owner Registry Update

Posted by BigKev on 2021/3/1 14:40:29
I added another option to the Registry. It's an "Added for Info only, never was Owner" checkbox. Which can be used to enter info about a car that perhaps you didn't own, but you have info/paperwork on. I added three cars with ( 1199-342, 5452-2944 & 5582-2104 ) which I have the Owners Service Card that I received through various donations of literature over the years. This option should be used in conjunction with the Status field. If you don't know what happened to the car, then choose Unknown. Otherwise, select the appropriate Status. This could include Scraped for example. That at least lets people know what happened to a car if they ever come searching for it. This paperwork I have had the purchaser's name, dealership, and delivery date, as well as the engine serial. So all of that has been recorded. If someone were to ever put any of those VNs into the Decoder it should show them that info.

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