Re: Door Panels

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/3/6 14:06:46
Is it a 23 series or 24 1950?
If left over '49, "-5-", I have a 49.
Best to look at pictures of '50 interiors. I might have a '50 interior picture, if needed.
There's a trim code that should be on the cowl body tag. But some of these were stenciled or inked and aren't legible. I had to reverse match to my cloth.
You can look up the trim code and corresponding material in the parts list.
My panels are here but not "good", but the upholstery guy said he could make new ones. I bought the material. The bottom kick panel is vinyl, but bought leather for that.

You can DYI, get a piece of underlayment or door card and cut out to fit. Auto upholstery shop should have. Sandwich thin foam and the cloth. The hard part is sewing decorations and seem for the bottom and making the arm rest. Spray adhesive and glue to the panel then fold over the edges and staple. Trim excess. Install with trim screws. Don't remember but may need some clips. There up in the garage loft covered up. Let me know if it's a 23 then I can take some photos.

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