Re: 1950 Packard Vin title number.

Posted by HH56 on 2021/3/10 13:04:44
H249308 sounds like an engine number. It indicates a 288 5 main which would have been the stock engine in a 23rd series standard or deluxe eight. H249xxx would put it in the range for the 49 model year production. It is very possible the engine was changed sometime in the cars life. If the current engine number does not start with an H it was not originally in a 23rd series 49-50 model.

Back in those days there was no uniform registration. Some states registered cars by engine number while others used the vehicle number. Sometimes a replaced engine with a mismatched engine number can cause real issues today with cars originally registered under the engine number.

If your number does not match and the car has been able to be registered you might ask the seller what the number is or how registration was done with a number you cannot find. Possibly if the car never changed hands and the engine was replaced after the car was first registered to that owner the paperwork never got updated.

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