Addressing the members

Posted by Mark Stivers on 2021/4/13 23:36:18
So, I get a dm, from another member, suggesting that my addressing the members as "Groupies" could be deemed offensive to some of our "elderly conservative" members. I joined this group back in 2012 when I bought my first Packard. A 51 Patrician. I have learned so much about these magnificent machines from the members of this awesome site. Having owned 5 since that first one, I guess I am hooked on Packards.With all that being said, if my addressing the members as "Groupies" is offensive, you have my sincere apologies. Being a retired Navy, 77-95, veteran and a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, my verbal "filter" is almost non existent. LOL
All ya'll have a good night.

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