Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers

Posted by HH56 on 2021/5/5 13:51:20
Believe Packard stopped using chassis or frame numbers in the early 30s. From then until 1955 there was only a Vehicle number and a Motor Number and those were not the same number. Very few of the old records still exist so without original paperwork showing both numbers there is no way to verify the original numbers assigned to the car.

A bit of confusion can appear in the registration paperwork of many Packard cars because there was no consistency when Packard was still in operation. Some states used the motor number as the documented number and other states used the vehicle number. If the vehicle was originally registered with the motor number and the motor was damaged and a motor from another car was installed that old or original motor number on the paperwork can lead to much frustration when trying to re-register the car today.

In 1955-56 models Packard started using the same number for the vehicle number and the motor number.

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