Re: Matching engine and chassis numbers

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/5/5 20:14:10
Can't necessarily apply other manufacturers techniques to Packard, like auction speak, "number's matching". eg; It' pretty clear my Cad engine and VIN numbers are the same in the year it was made, and I could get a copy of the build record easily. Not available here.
If there's no documentation with the vehicle about the only thing is check the castings for dates that are appropriate for the model year. The location of the stamped engine numbers changed if I recall correctly, so another "tell", ie, in the right spot.
I think Neal's book(s) has a listing of engine numbers and/or body numbers by year, but my copy's for 22/23 series, but going from memory that's not fresh. I know I researched mine and concluded without provenance it was unmolested based on mileage and condition, etc.
PAC roster keeper may give a better answer, but I doubt it.
I don't know anyone tabulated what records remain as the remaining files are split between PAC and Studebaker museum. There's several "Packard" museums too. Bodies mostly are second party after '40s and Brigg's was bought out in 50s. So the trail is brushed and grown over.

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