Re: Packard performance

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2021/7/23 19:24:56
Most all the significant ornaments (Packard and other makes), have been available as reproductions almost continuously by a variety of vendors since the early 1960s and possibly earlier until just recently. Most were produced by the lost wax casting process, either in brass or stainless. The last very large scale maker of the ornaments and a broad range of other cast vintage car items, American Arrow Corp., has apparently succombed to a family squabble following the passing of the founder, Don Sommer. I've heard his son Dan is attempting to continue the business and there is quite some discussion on this over on the AACA forums.

Don's stainless repro were of superb quality with some items approaching $800 or thereabouts. The last repro donut pusher I purchased came from Bill Hirsch, brass cast and finished in Spain. I doubt he has any inventory remaining but perhaps worth a call. And definitely worth a call to Dan Sommer if you're in the market for one.

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