Re: Power window motor ID ?

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/24 11:55:35
Not Packard power window motors. They look more like a power seat motor with the exposed shaft that would fit into a rubber and metal coupler to connect to the linear actuators. They could also be blower motors but Packard only used 4 wire in pre 48 heaters and those had long wires contained in a loom.

In 55-6 Packard used 12v motors with built in gear reduction and exposed 6 tooth pinion for windows. Seat motors looked more like what you show. Both were two wire motors and similar in operation. Only one wire received voltage to determine direction directly fed by the switch and the case as ground.

If yours are 6v motors they might be for the optional 1954 4 way electric seat. I believe those motors were 4 wire and used relays to change direction. I think Ford might have used a similar motor.

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