Re: Junkyard Packard photo

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/7/28 19:46:18
Well, at least the motor and differential were made use of - maybe.

I remember cars being junked for the differentials to keep a preserved car mobile. After that it would either be available for free, cut up, or given to the local scrapper. We would throw a 50 gallon drum under it so it could be towed away to the junkyard.

Billy Hirsch used get the occasional call about a garaged car for $50 bucks or so. One day he brought in a 50 sedan (3 spd OD) that would have cleaned up really well. The interior was near perfect, but in those days it wasn't worth paying us to get it running. It went somewhere.

That's when Packard's were fun.

One call that came in was for a 31 Cadillac. "Does the top go down?" "No" so it was passed on. Turned out to be a special order fixed place convertible sedan that was running and driving. Mechanical brakes don't go bad from sitting.

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