Switching to DOT 5 (silicone) - order of events?

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/8/30 9:33:51
Hi folks,

I'm thinking of switching to DOT 5 (silicone) brake fluid in the 1953 Cavalier. If I did this, I from what I understand I would need to replace the three hoses, the slave cylinders, install a rebuilt Treadle-Vac, and a new stop-light switch.

I would also take this opportunity to replace the hard lines at the rear axle. But I recently had to replace the hard lines going to the rear and the ones up front, don't want to replace those again. I have read mention of the need for flushing the brake lines with denatured alcohol - but how does one do this?

Do you fill the old brake system with the alcohol, bleed it till the alcohol comes through? Or some other method? What do you do after you have the lines full of alcohol?

Thanks in advance

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