Re: Switching to DOT 5 (silicone) - order of events?

Posted by HH56 on 2021/8/30 10:46:45
Not even sure replacing the brake switch and starting fresh would be long lasting with the move to silicone fluid. No matter which switch type or brand, based on comments here and on other forums the silicone seems to make a shorter life of all of them if they are directly exposed to the fluid as is the case with hydraulic operated switches.

If it were my car, with silicone fluid I would seriously consider going to a mechanical switch working off the pedal arm to operate the brake lights. It may not be as simple as screwing in a new switch but it is long lasting and reliable.

Here is the mechanical conversion several have done with dimensions for the 56 arm bracket. This switch is shown for the TL system but for regular suspension you would just use the 2 terminals nearest the plunger instead of the 4 or get a 2 terminal switch. The other change would be to fabricate the bracket that would work with the narrower arm located on the opposite side of the column. I have not tried but the dimensions for the 56 version may work with the 55 and earlier arms and bracket would just need to be rotated to the other side. This bracket had the clamp welded on but easier would be to allow for tabs and bend them up as shown in the drawing. Use a screw type hose clamp covered with black heat shrink or vinyl tape to disguise and to protect the column. Place the clamp over the tabs and tighten to hold the bracket to the column.

After bracket is done you would make a small two wire loom for the extra length needed to reach the old switch location. Connect to the switch and use .156 bullet connectors at the other end to reach and plug in to the existing connectors at the old location.

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